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May 21 2015
The Red Sash
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21st May 2015
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The Red Sash
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The Red Sash

Rd 7 - Arm Wrestle......

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Round 7 - Essendon VS North Melbourne
Eithad Stadium Friday 15th 2015

Arm wrestle … ends up in 11 point defeat…but good signs…

There would be no excuses from the coaches or players after this defeat and they say the team you put out on the ground each week is the team you expect to get the job done.

However I’d like to point out a few key elements, that it my opinion bodes well for us moving forward.

We travelled to Perth 6 days earlier and we didn’t have the following players -
• Zaharakis did not play (remains in doubt for this week)
• Chapman did not play (available this week)
• Cooney did not play (available this week)
• Carlisle did not play (available this week)
• Hocking did not play (around 4 weeks away)
• Myers did not play (should return after the bye)
• Winderlich did not play (back in around 3 weeks)

When 32% of your best 22 are watching the game it makes it hard and tests the depth of the playing group.

However what it does is put more game time into –
• Langford (injured early in the North game but will be great for us)
• Gleeson
• Ashby
• The Merretts

I thought McKernan was very good – but it will be hard to play all the talls, Ambrose, Carlisle, Bellchambers all at once so a difficult decision for the coaches this week.

It was great to see early on the ball movement had been the emphasis during the week, we moved it with speed and purpose giving Coyler a chance to get out in space and be damaging. It also allowed Jobe to play a role forward; he marks tall and gave him the opportunity to kick a few goals.

Our intent and desire was fantastic and if it wasn’t for some erratic kicking, small structural issues and some decisions late, the game was there to be won. Our forward pressure was great, our ball movement looked better – we had our moment and opportunities – we just didn’t take them and I know the coaches will be all over this area of our game  during the week.

With Joe and Carlisle unable to kick those 4-5 goals a week (at the moment) we need to find other ways in to goal to achieve that score board pressure. Again we had more inside 50s and more tackles – the signs are there and we just need to take our chances.

Our blistering first half of the opening quarter and equally brilliant for the same period immediately after half-time was the benchmark of game – however to consistently run and apply that pressure for the majority of games is our challenge and I’m sure the boys are working hard on getting there. With some more experience due back into the side we will be aiming to capture that pressure and intensity we saw against the Swans and Hawks early in the season.

It was great to see Ron Kirwan presented a gift from the Essendonians family by our President Peter Hughes for his service to the club as the number 1 ticket holder. Thank you also to Simon Madden for being responsible for the MC duties on Friday Night – always nice to be mentioned – thank you Simon!

Our chairman Paul Little said before Friday night's game that the Bombers were determined not to take their eyes off the ball on the field during what promises to be a drawn-out anti-doping hearing in the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Paul said WADA's announcement that it would appeal the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal's decision clearing 34 past and present Bomber players had been a "body blow" for the club. But our chairman said the club was determined to control what it could in "this time of uncertainty". Our' brave performance on Friday night suggests that they will again be able to put the off-field anti-doping distractions to one side as they have done so often throughout this 27-month saga.

Ok so now it’s Brisbane who just smashed Port Adelaide. Another challenge….must win.

See you at the footy...

Regards The Red Sash

The Red Sash Medal – Round 7 Votes
7 Hurley
6 Heppell
5 Goddard
4 Hooker
3 Watson
2 Dempsey
1 Coyler

The Red Sash Medal – Totals after Round 7
Hurley has been outstanding this year BOG this week.  Heppell continues to poll as does Hooker and Jobe…
35 Heppell
29 Watson
23 Hooker
21 Hurley
15 Goddard
13 Howlett
11 B Stanton
8 Melksham
7 Flecther
7 Z Merrett
6 Carlisle
4 Hibberd
4 Ambrose
3 Baguley
3 Cooney
2 Zaharakis
2 Gleeson
2 Dempsey
1 Coyler


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